Sunday, February 8, 2009

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

I heart Jeff Kinney (if I was savvy enough, I could probably actually put a heart there, but I'm not.) Like, if I was in middle school, I would scribble his name on my trapper keeper in bubbly blue ink...complete with a little heart dotting the i in Kinney.

And the reason I heart him is because he is very clever. He writes clever books that appeal to both boys and girls...and my girl in particular. He writes the kind of books that make my 9-year-old cuddle up at night, in the corner of her closet, with her favorite blanky (named Bubbie), with the light on and doors closed, reading, when she is supposed to be sleeping. Oh that makes mama proud ...and it makes me heart Jeff Kinney.

They are casting for the Wimpy Kid right now.... and it would almost make Anna cut off her hair and give up her affection for all things pink and glittery just to try out (so Shakespearean!) I mean, she knows all three books by heart!

And, so, I heart Jeff Kinney. And if you do...if you are the wimpy kid or know the wimpy kid because he might be living in your house or in your neighborhood or at your school or whatever... check this out:


  1. I just took a stroll down memory lane, thinking of my peachy and trapper keeper. I'll definitely recommend this book to Matt for his daughter, Reese. You are such a great book reviewer, girl!

  2. That's a great idea.... Reese will love it! In fact, I probably have a whole bunch of books she would love (some that may be more she a girly girl? Anna's a bit of a mixture. She loves pink and sparkles and makeup but fancies playing Spiderman on the monkey bars at recess). Dane will like Wimpy Kid as well when he's a bit older.

  3. Reese is a definite mixture. She kicks butt and takes names on the soccer field by day...and plays with her spa factory by night. She'd appreciate any books that you pass her way! She can also be found burning the midnight oil as she reads in her bed. I love that she digs reading and constantly buy her books. I think I'm a little obsessive wanting to share with her all the books I loved as a little girl... I go to B&N and before I know it, I'm juggling a bunch of Beverly Cleary and Judy Blume books wondering if they're for her or for me!